Our Winter rentals are based from 5pm to 5pm. We rent Backcountry Ski Packages including Black Crows Skis, Boots, Skins and Poles. We also rent Splitboards, Beacons, Shovels and Probes. You can rent just a ski, or just boots or the entire package.

Skis Model Size Binding 1 day Multi-Day

Black Crows Atris 178cm, 184cm Attack 13 $40 $30

Black Crows Navis 169/179/185/cm G3/Baron $40 $30

Black Crows Corvus 188cm G3 Ion $40 $30

Black Crows Camox 166/178cm G3 Ion $40 $30

Boots Size

Tecnica Cochise 105 22.5 $15 $10

Salomon MTN explore 23.5-26.5 $15 $10

k2 Pinnacle 26.5 $15 $10

Tecnica Zero G Guide 27.5-29.5 $15 $10

Dynafit Mercury 30.5 $15 $10

Splitboards Size Binding 1 day Multi-Day

Weston Backwoods 152cm Spark Arc $50 $40

Weston Big Chief 157cm Spark Arc Pro $50 $40

Weston Backwoods 167cm Spark Arc Pro $50 $40

Weston Big Chief 168cm Spark Arc Pro $50 $40

Cross Country Skis ( Includes Skis, Boots, Poles)

Skis Model Size Binding 1day Multi-Day

Alpina Discovery 68 Metal Edge 168, 178, 188 NNN/BC $20 $15

Alpina Control 64 Plastic Edge 168, 178, 188 NNN/BC $15 $10

Alpina Jr. Energy 100,120,140,160 NNN $15 $10


Atlas Rendezvous 25, 30 inch All Boot Compatible $15 $10

Starting this season, LB Snow's demos will be run through Awayco,
making the process fast and easy. Just click the button below, select
your desired skis or snowboards, choose your dates and check out. Your
gear will be waiting for you at LB Snow!

Awayco is an experience platform that connects you with premium
outdoor gear — including skis, snowboards and surfboards — around the
world. Learn more at 
Awayco.com or @awayco_ on Instagram.

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Black Crows Atris


Black Crows Camox