kINCO Roots

At age 26 in 1975, Bruce Kindler realized a demand for quality welding gloves. He borrowed $4,000 from his mother, $5000 from his mother’s friend and created Kinco International by selling gloves to welding supply stores on the west coast. Bruce was able to pay back both loans within four years, shortly before he was joined part time by his wife, Sherie.

Although in the beginning his resources were limited, his ideas, ambition, and perseverance were unbound and he was bound for success. He quickly established close lifetime relationships with Asian manufacturers and immersed himself into their culture. He was forced to become proficient at selling, sourcing, shipping, US customs issues, glove designing, intellectual property issues, marketing, vacuuming the office, and sweeping the warehouse, along with everything else involved in running an international business.

Over the years, Kinco’s sales, product line, customers, employees, warehouse, and office have all continued to grow at a rapid rate because of the same values that Bruce created in the foundation of Kinco.

A Second Generation

Bruce and Sherie’s son, Travis, has always been involved in the family business. Learning from his dad by spending time both at home and at the office surrounded by gloves at a young age, Kinco runs through Travis’ veins. He began hang-tagging gloves at the age of ten and by twenty-one and a senior in college, he was interning with Kinco. After graduation, he began working with Bruce full-time and purchased the company from his parents in 2003.

Over the last eleven years, Travis has expanded the business from solely industrial sales to having a significant presence in the retail arena with a national sales force. This has involved considerable innovation within the company including increasing efficiencies in purchasing and managing inventory, the development of retail oriented products and packaging, and creating more extensive quality control and regulation of production overseas.

This is just the beginning for Travis, as he carries the same drive and ambition for Kinco that his dad bestowed on it all those years ago. With the continued goal of improvement and expansion, here’s to many more years to come!