Last Best Paddle Club Membership

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Last Best Paddle Club Membership

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Are you planning a big trip? A packraft trip into the Bob Marshall? An epic down the Middle Fork? Or do you just know your going to want to do a few overnighters on the Blackoot, Flathead, or Clark Fork?

Kill it in the gift department, give the gift of adventure and gear!

Is there a Graduate in your family? How about a rad Mom or Dad? Is someone getting married? Then Joining the Last Best Paddle Club may be for you.

Here are the Dets….

40% off SUMMER rentals from May 1st, 2019 - May 1st, 2020

Good for 1 person and their household family.

Each member will receive a 1 of a kind limited edition LB Snow raft paddle with our logo on it. You can put your name or any message on your paddle that you would like, for either yourself or whoever is receiving it. ( 1 paddle per family ) The paddle acts as your membership card, you can keep it at the shop or with you.

You will create a code to be used when you book your rentals online, over the phone, or in person in order to get your discount.

99 Questions but a rental ain’t one?

Is it transferable?

YES. Wait, what? It is, but there are rules……..As the paddle holder you may rent gear for others but you must pay for it with your credit card.

Rather than playing the transfer game all summer grab 2 buddies and get the Trippple Doubble Membership. You can put three people on a membership for $180 or $60 per person.

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