Plan Ahead And Prepare!

Raft Tune Up $150 - Without Frame

We deep clean your raft and prep it for the season. First we will inflate the boat and check to make sure it is holding air in each chamber. Next we will clean out any river bootie in the floor that may be wedged in the nooks and crannies. After we get all of the debris out of the boat we will tackle those pesky frame marks on the raft. This takes straight up elbow grease and boat cleaner. After a couple hours of elbow grease we will begin our raft condition report broken into 6 sections by each quarter of the side tubes and then floor, top and bottom. Each valve will be checked for leaks, cleaned, and tightened. Each section of the boat will be checked for any need of wear patches to prevent future air leakage.

With Frame + $75

If you would like us to prep your frame for the season we are happy to do that as well. We will go through each piece of hardware to make sure washers and nuts are wear there need to be.If you are short a U-bolt or two we will add them wear needed. If you have a lose seat we will replace and adjust the hardware. Squeaky oars? We can fix that with lube and silicone. We will make sure your frame is cleaned up, fully rigged and adjusted to your specifications.

Rope Rapping - $50 per oar