Nirvana Self Bailer

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Nirvana Self Bailer




The Nirvana Self-Bailing packraft is back for the 2019 paddling season. The upgraded floor attachment positions the paddler higher in the raft which helps support your back and allows for easier paddle strokes over the pontoons. Additionally, we have integrated the seat into the inflatable floor for easier setup and attachment. The seat section of the floor is 8" thick while the front portion of the floor is 4" thick. Our kayak style backhand offers great lower back support for long paddling days on the water.

 We offer the Nirvana Series with the optional Tizip zipper which gives you access to store gear inside the pontoons of your packraft. There are 2 d-rings placed inside the cargo area for attaching dry bags or packs. The length of the Tizip zipper is 19" to allow easy access for bigger bags.  The Nirvana self-bailing packraft uses the Leafield D7 valve, one of the highest quality raft valves on the market. 

The Nirvana self-bailer has all of the same attributes of the Nirvana with spraydeck, narrow trim, aggressive rocker on the bow, which give it great whitewater handling capability. However, instead of the spraydeck to keep water out, we have introduced drain holes in the floor system and removed the spraydeck which allows water to drain through the floor when it enters the packraft. We recommend use of a wetsuit or drysuit (depending on temperature) when using self-bailing packrafts due to water coming in and out of the packraft.

The advantages of a self-bailer over a spraydeck include quick entry and exit of the craft to scout rapids, the elimination to pull over to the side of the river to empty water out of your packraft, and a higher paddling position to allow deeper more efficient paddle strokes. 

Finally, the Nirvana Series includes thigh strap attachment points which provide the option to attach thigh straps. Thigh straps allow for a more responsive handling whether you are carving into an eddy, surfing a wave or even rolling your packraft. Thigh straps are sold separately here.

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