Nirvana Self Bailer W/ TZip

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nirvana self bailer.jpg
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Nirvana Self Bailer W/ TZip



  • Color – Yellow Sidewall, Black Floor

  • Packraft + Inflatable Floor + Inflatable Seat Weight- 9.2 pounds (add 0.2 pounds for Tizip)

  • Inflation Bag- 4 oz. (Inflation Time: 3 minutes)

  • Chambers- 2 (Main Hull: 1 Inflatable Floor: 1)

  • Outside Length: 90"

  • Outside Width: 37"

  • Tube Diameter- 11" 

  • Cockpit Length- 57"

  • Cockpit Width- 15.5"

  • Packed Size:26" x 12" x 7"

  • Load Capacity- 250 pounds

  • Sidewall Construction – 210 denier double coated nylon, 1” seam welds, reinforced seam tape over all seams

  • Floor Construction – 840 denier double coated nylon, v-tape floor construction for added durability

  • All seams are sealed with a 1” seam tape to the deliver the highest durability and ensure the highest quality air holding properties.

  • Includes Field Repair Kit

  • 1 Year Warranty



The Whitewater Series was designed with the whitewater enthusiast in mind. The 2016-2017 Nirvana packrafts has a narrower trim and more pronounced rocker in both the bow and the stern than the 2015 model. The narrower trim allows for a more fluid carve into and out of eddies while the increased rocker makes surfing your favorite hole that much easier. 

Each Whitewater Series packraft includes 6 d-rings strategically placed for packing your gear. We have also added 4 d-rings on each side of the inner tube to allow for the attachment of thigh straps. The Nirvana spraydeck model includes a sprayskirt which is 100% seam taped ensuring complete dryness when paddling. The Self-Bailing model includes a 5" thick inflatable floor to provide more ample drainage of whitewater.

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