Ski and Snowboard Service

Full Tune - $40

P-tex / Base Grind / Sharpen / Bevel / Stone Grind / Temperature-Specific Wax, Brush Finish

Edge and Wax-$25

Edge Only- $15

Base Grind- $10

Wax Only - $15

Hot Box Wax- $35

Hot box waxing is the best method to condition ski bases. Base prep ski wax deeply penetrates into the ski base in just a few cycles vs. waxing with an iron, which can take up to 20+ cycles for full saturation. Hot boxing results in greater base protection and faster skis.

Full Tune + Hot Box Wax- $55

Binding Mount - $45

Boot Liner Mold -$40

Binding Adjustment- $15

Skin Trimming and Fitting- $15