This year we have expanded our summer rental fleet to include all new Hyside rafts and Kokopelli Packrafts. We also will have the classic summer staples like SUPs, Inflatable Kayaks, River Surf Boards, Dry Suits, Whitewater Kayaks, and Recreational kayaks.

Rent to own…. Buying gear is hard…. and expensive. We think it if you are going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on gear that you should be able to try it out. One of the new themes you will notice at LB is the interplay between rentals and what we sell. We sell what we rent, and we rent what we sell. We do not have a huge array of brands but we stand behind the ones we do. That is why we will offer up to 4 days of rental credit towards the purchase of any new product that we rent.

Rental Period….. We have been playing with gear, planning trips, cleaning gear, making gear lists, and gawking over our next trip for years at LB so we get that typical 24 hour rental periods do not always work. That is why our summer rental programs time-frame runs from 4:00 pm the day before your selected rental day until 11:00 am the day after your selected rental day. If you rent a raft for a Saturday, you can pick it up Friday afternoon and return it Sunday morning by 11:00 am and you will just be charged the single day rate. We have priced our rentals to incentive you to rent for more days because we want the gear out there. What it to get used, hear the tales of your trip, and get feedback on the gear.

Dry Suit Rentals

Rental Product Single Day Multi-day

Semi-Dry Suit $35 $25 PFD $7 $ 5

Full Dry Suit $45 $35 HELMET $ 7 $5

Full Wet suit $10 $8 Raft Paddle $7 $5

Rafts Rentals

Raft Size Single Day Multi-Day

Hyside 12.0 Max Paddle Raft $90 $75 (8 paddles, PFDS, helmets and pump)

Hyside 12.0 Full Frame $150 $125 (3 oars, bear proof dry box, bear proof cooler, frame, pump, and Trailer)

Hyside 14XT Paddle Raft $100 $90 (paddles, PFDs, helmets, and pump, and trailer)

Hyside 14XT Full Frame $175 $150 (3 oars, bear proof dry box and cooler, frame, pump, and trailer)

Hyside 15 Pro Full frame $200 $175 (3 oars, 2 bear proof dry boxes, 1 cooler, frame, pump, trailer available)

Kokopelli Packraft Rentals

Model Type Weight Outside Length Inside Length Outside Width Inside Width Chambers

Rogue-lite Open 5.4lbs 85” 51” 37” 15.5” 1

Rogue-lite Tzip Open 5.6 lbs 85” 51” 37” 15.5” 1

Nirvana  Spraydeck 9.7 lbs 90” 57” 37” 5.5” 2

Nirvana Tizip Spraydeck 9.9 lbs 90” 57” 37” 15.5” 2

Nirvana-SB Self-Bailing 8.4 lbs 90” 57” 37” 5.” 2

NirvanaSB Tizip Self-Bailing 8.6 lbs 90” 57” 37” 15.” 2

Multi-Day Camping and River Accessories

Single Day Multi-Day Weekly

Paco pad (river bed) $7 $5 $ 30

Fire Pan $10 $7 $42

2 burner stove 8 $6 $36

4 person Tent $12 $9 $45

Sleeping Bags $15 $10 $60

Bear Proof Dry Box Rentals $20 $15 $75

Bear Proof Canisters $10 $5 $50

Bear Spray Rentals $10 $5 35$

Electric Fence Rentals for the Smith River $25 $20 $100

Bear Proof Cooler 123 Quart $20 $15 $75

Bear Proof Cooler 65 quart $15 $12 $60