This adventure-ready packraft is both lightweight and durable. Designed with a kayak style backband and full spraydeck to keep you dry when paddling. The Rogue has an optional TiZip storage feature. Whether you are into bikepacking or backpacking, the Rogue opens up endless opportunities to keep your adventure going once you hit the water.

Rogue Lite

The lightest packraft in our fleet weighs in at 4.9 lbs including the seat. We designed the Rogue-Lite for adventurers looking for a minimalist lightweight paddling option. Whether you are hiking into a high alpine lake to fish or looking to access the other side of the water, the Rogue-Lite is the option for you. The Rogue series can pack down to the size of a paper towel roll, allowing you to fit it in your pack or on your bike for any adventure.


The Nirvana Series was designed for the whitewater enthusiast. This series features an adjustable thigh strap system, back band, and optional TiZip storage.


The Nirvana Self-Bailer offers quick entry and exit to scout rapids and a higher paddling position to allow deeper, more efficient paddle strokes. To provide ample drainage of water, the Self-Bailer includes a 5” thick inflatable floor.


The Nirvana with Spraydeck was designed to keep paddlers dry
in whitewater. Our adjustable thigh strap system on both models provides a more responsive handling ability, whether you are carving into a eddy, surfing a wave or rolling your packraft. Bring this packraft to add on to your next adventure.

Packraft Type Weight Outside Length Inside Length Inside Width Outside Width Air Chambers

Rogue-lite Open 5.4lbs 85” 51” 37” 15.5” 1

Rogue-lite wTizip Open 5.6 lbs 85” 51” 37” 15.5” 1

Nirvana  Spraydeck 9.7 lbs 90” 57” 37” 15.5” 2

Nirvana  w/ Tizip Spraydeck 9.9 lbs 90” 57” 37” 15.5” 2

Nirvana-SB Self-Bailing 8.4 lbs 90” 57” 37” 15.” 2

Nirvana-SB  w/ TizipSelf-Bailing 8.6 lbs 90” 57” 37” 15.” 2

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