Missoula is one of the best rafting and fly fishing spots in the world. Plain and simple. We have rivers, lots and lots of rivers and LB has expanded our rafting selection this year with all 2019 Hyside rafts.

Each raft is rigged with full frames for fishing and/or multi-day trips, and available as simple paddle rafts. We specifically chose boats that make sense for Missoula’s endless rafting rivers.

Paddle Rafts come rolled up with a pump, PFDs, throw bag, and paddles.

All raft prices DO NOT include trailers. If you would like a trailer please book separately for $25 per day. Please feel free to pick up boats with your own trailers or ask us to delivery to you.

If you have any questions about your reservations, need help planning your trip, or just want to talk rafts give the shop a call 406-493-7073.

Rafts Rentals

Paddle Rafts Single Day

Hyside 12.0 Max Paddle Raft $70 (6 paddles, PFDS, helmets and pump)

Hyside 14XT Paddle Raft $80 (paddles, PFDs, helmets, and pump, and trailer)

Fishing and Overnight Gear Raft Packages -

Hyside 12.0 Full Frame $100 (3 oars, bear proof dry box, bear proof cooler, frame, pump)

Hyside 14XT Full Frame $125 (3 oars, bear proof dry box and cooler, frame, pump)

Hyside 15 Pro Full frame $150 (3 oars, 2 bear proof dry boxes, 1 cooler, frame, pump)

Raft Trailer (Book Separately) $25 ($50 if not booking with our rafts)

These boats are rigged as fishing boats with NRS frames including a front angler seat, anchor, rear angler seat, rower sits on the cooler and a dry box behind the front angler.